Maryssa + Mike | 1940 Air Terminal Museum Houston Engagement

Maryssa and Mike met online when the were both living in Champaign, Illinois. They had their first date at Barrelhouse on February 13th where they talked till 2am. Since it was now February 14th they decided they had to have an obligatory 2nd date for Valentine’s Day where Mike cooked Maryssa dinner and the rest was history!

Mike and Maryssa both love fitness and traveling, they always had people asking about how they traveled so often and made progress with their fitness while on the go. They eventually had so many people asking them to help plan their trips that they decided to make it a business and Two Fit Travelers was born. They have planned trips all over the US and have done a few international locations including New Zealand which is where mike proposed!

We decided to combine their love of travel and Mike’s love of planes into an awesome engagement session at the The 1940’s Air Terminal.  We had a blast exploring the museum and getting to check out a vintage 1942 Lockheed Lodestar. A big thank you to the museum an amazing experience.

Venue: The 1940 Air Terminal Museum 

Art Plane: Gonzo247


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