Erik + Sarah | The St. Regis Houston Wedding

Erik and Sarah’s fall wedding was a vibrant fun affair. The St. Regis was the perfect backdrop for this multi-cultural wedding.  They put pieces of each of their cultures in the wedding ceremony and reception. The lasso for Erik, and the crowns for Sarah were just a few of the details that truly made this wedding unique.  Sarah and Erik even made time to get a few portraits with Zoe the couples pup. Zoe had helped out with Erik’s proposal to Sarah so it was a must she have a few pictures.   The reception started off with a lively Mariachi band and the party never stopped after that. It was a fun filled evening full of dancing and celebrating.

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Traditions incorporated into Erik and Sarah’s wedding

Lasso  – wedding lasso rosary. During the religious ceremony, a large rosary is placed around the bride and groom as a symbol of unity.

Coins – During the coin ceremony, or arras ceremony, the groom drops 13 coins into the bride’s hands representing her dowry and his vow to support her.

Rushnyk – The use of the rushnyk symbolized the hope that the newlyweds will never face poverty or “stand on a bare earthen floor”.

Binding of Hands –  During the ceremony, the hands of the bride and groom are joined together with rushnyk to signify their union.

Crowning – The bride and groom place their right hands on the gospel, exchange their vows and become married in the eyes of God. Crowns are placed or held above the heads of the bride and groom by their bridal party.  The crowns symbolize that they will be the king and queen of their own family kingdom–ruling side by side.

The Removal of the Veil or Vinok – Toward the end of the evening, the bride will be seated and her mother and godmother will  remove her veil and replace it with a shawl (usually colorful and flowered), symbolizing her leaving her “maiden” status and becoming a married woman.


Location – The St. Regis Hotel Houston

Wedding Dress – David’s Bridal

Cake – Alphorn Bakery

Music – Suit & Tie Entertainment | DJ Boris & DJ AJ

Decor & Florist – Blink Film

Hair & Makeup – Lily Yanez w/ Houston Makeup Inc.

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