A seasoned wedding photographer with an unwavering passion for telling your story through my lens. I’m more than just someone behind a camera - I’m a dedicated mama bear, supportive friend, and unapologetically on my client’s side on their special day. Whether you need a hype women to get the crowd going, maintain the serenity of an intimate moment or simply do what I’m great at, I will get it done! 

I'm Heather

What's up, friends?

My roots are in Texas, however traveling is good for the soul!



Heather was such a dream to work with. I was so nervous that the process of taking engagements, bridals, and even the day of wedding was going to be awkward because of having a stranger/ photographer capturing such personal times. This was not the case at all. I would not have changed anything about our experience with Heather.


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Over the years, I’ve captured so many of my clients most cherished moments. From a grooms tears, a pee break in a pasture (oh yes that happened),  laughter till you cried, the last time you danced with your grandmother, kisses in the rain, and so many more. Time passes so quickly and each moment from the mundane to the epic shapes who we are. We cannot turn back time but we can relive and remember with photos.

the reason I do what I do

My Why

"You will never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory."
Dr Seuss