The Magic of a Dress and Veil

Wedding photos are ones that my couples are going to look back on for years and years to come. The best ones, they might frame, send out with your “thank you” cards or set as profile photos on social media.

I love to try to give my couples a shot that makes people say, “WOW!” Wedding days are crazy and it is not always possible but when possible I love the dress flip and veil drop shots!

There are a few techniques I like to use to bring your photos to life. Your friends and family might mistake them for enchanted pictures. You know, like in Harry Potter!

The Dress Flip

We all saw the Ariana Grande dress at the Grammys. I thought she looked just like a Disney princess entering the ball! For their whole lives, so many little girls dream of the day they will look and feel that way.

For most women, that day is their wedding day. It’s the day they get to put on the gown and the veil and be a beautiful princess for the day.

Luckily for me, it’s my job to make that dream come true!

A dress flip can really bring your wedding photos to life. Give It a shimmy, give it a shake, throw it in the air! You planned your whole life for this day, and you deserve to have fun with every single moment of it. Snuggle up to your now hubby and let us flip that dress!

But what’s more is the photo looks so cool. The dress flip adds these gorgeous, flowing layers of dimension that we can’t get from a still-posed photograph.

The Veil Drop & Wrap

A veil drop is a real-life effect that I love to use to bring a veil to life. It takes a bit of planning, a second set of hands and little photoshop magic.


Sometimes, a gust of wind blows at the perfect time. When the wind blows during a photoshoot just the right way, the veil (or train) lifts and you can practically hear it singing “Wind Beneath my Wings.” Okay, maybe that’s coming from the reception hall.

Using the elements to my advantage is a part of my craft that is really exciting! It makes every shoot different and unpredictable which makes for some really unique photos.

What if there is no wind?

Some people are blessed beyond belief to have perfect weather on their wedding day. Luckily, there’s always someone close by that I can call on to lend a creative helping hand.

Creating the Veil Drop & Wrap
A veil drop can be created with a little help from a friend. I love when I get to use a member of the wedding party or family member to dramatically toss the fabric into the air! When the fabric flies and my camera snaps, you’ve got a killer Facebook header photo on your hands. Lots of giggles happen when your favorite friends are trying to help me hold the veil in a loving wrap around you while I crawl up under it to get that one shot!

Playing with the veil can add so much dimension, too. If a bride has a large veil or train, I love to accentuate that in the photograph next to a comparatively small couple.

Blooper Reel

There’s nothing better than a photo that makes you laugh so hard you cry. When you see the outtakes behind your dress flips, wind-created veil-drops and hand-tossed veil drops, you might want them included in your final wedding album, which I am always happy to do.

Not only are the photos of your friend or photographer tossing your dress or veil into the air goofy but they can be incredibly touching.




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